Sootmaster Helps Keep Navarre’s Homes Looking Great All Year Long

We strive to keep chimneys in top condition throughout Navarre, Tiger Point, Mary Esther, Mobile, Milton, Broxon, Oriole Beach, Wright, Fairhope, Harper, Holley, Muddy Ford, Wynnehaven Beach, Harris, Woodlawn Beach, Fort Walton Beach, and all the surrounding towns and cities. Whatever you need, just ask the Sootmaster!

Navarre is a small community with water along 12 miles of its border. If you’re looking for a place to lie on a beach, explore beautiful waters, and enjoy a relaxing day (and life), then Navarre is the right spot for you!

But it’s not all sunbathing and swimming — Navarre Beach Marine Science Station, Panhandle Butterfly House, Sea Shell City, and Lost Island Trading Company are all great places to visit! Then head over to Scooter’s Fish House for some good food or J.J. Chago’s if you’re craving a cup of coffee.

Ready for a drink? Big Rumors Beer & Wine and 98 Brewing Company are loved by locals and visitors alike! There’s one thing that’s sure — it’s easy to fill your day when you live in Navarre!

We know residents on Manatee Street, Sunrise Drive, Valley Road, Jasper Street, Bay Boulevard, P.G.A. Boulevard, Citrus Drive, Brewster Street, Woodmont Road, Hemlock Drive, Pepper Drive, Seagrape Drive, Frankfort Street, Palmetto Lane, Sandstone Street, Avenida De Sol, Andora Street, Turkey Bluff Road, High School Boulevard, Laredo Street, Timber Lane, Eagle Nest Drive, and Deer Lane value trust and quality customer care in any business they invest in. That’s why they depend on us! What can we help you with?

What Do You Need Help With? We Are Certain We Can Assist!

Whether you are looking for a chimney inspection, some repairs, installation services, or you simply need an answer to a question, we are sure that we can help you out. Please take a look at our extensive list of services below, and be sure to Ask The Sootmaster if you have any questions, inquiries, or overall concerns about your fireplace, dryer vent, or chimney system.

Chimney & Fireplace Services

Chimney & Fireplace Repairs


Dryer Vent Services

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If you live in Ward Basin, Cinco Bayou, Garnier, Parkerville, Ocean City, Navarre, Destin, Niceville, Spanish Fort, or somewhere nearby, and you are ready to work with a chimney care, maintenance, and repair company you can trust, give us a call or reach out through our website. We can set up an appointment and get your chimney system looking great and working efficiently. Thanks for choosing us!


Destin, FL is one of those service communities we look forward to serving year after year…it’s great knowing we’re helping to keep their chimneys, fireplaces and vents in safe operating condition.