Is Your Flashing To Blame For Your Water Leak?

The metal flashing at the base of your chimney where it meets the roof plays a key role in chimney leak prevention. When the flashing is layered strategically and professionally, it protects this vulnerable area of the home and prevents rainwater from gaining access to the chimney and home. But when flashing gets damaged or is installed wrong, this is one of the easiest areas for leaks to spring up. Is damaged or poorly installed flashing behind your water leak problems? Ask the Sootmaster about our flashing repairs and preventive services!

We’re glad to be Pensacola’s go-to flashing repair company and we’re proud of the work we do. Whether you need all of your flashing replaced or just a partial re-flash, our team can take care of it. We use high-quality, long-lasting metal flashing that’s designed to stand up to the heavy downpours and strong storms we often get here in Florida. Our team takes the time to make sure each sheet is installed properly and put in place using minimal nail holes so that water can’t pool and corrode the flashing.

Protect Your Flashing & Prevent Future Water Leaks With FlashSeal

Once you’ve had a chimney leak, you never want to have one again. That’s why we also recommend protecting your flashing against future leaks by investing in ChimneySaver’s FlashSeal. FlashSeal is a product designed to protect the flashing against corrosion, rusting, and other water damage by providing an elastomeric waterproof seal. The product is simply brushed onto the flashing and, once professionally applied, provides 7 years of guaranteed protection against leaks.

Worried about this product changing the look of your chimney? Don’t be! FlashSeal is available in black, brown, and white, so you’ll have options that ensure a pleasant and seamless appearance. 

Request An Appointment By Phone Or Form Today & We’ll Stop That Leak In Its Tracks

Ready to put a stop to that water leak and keep your chimney dry in the future? Call Sootmaster today at 850-712-3470 and request an appointment to have your flashing repaired and protected. You can also reach out to us through our website and we’ll have someone contact you to schedule your appointment ASAP. Call or fill out our online scheduling form to get started!


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