Restore Your Fireplace’s Beauty With Fast & Effective Smoke Stain Removal Services

Ugly, stained fireplace bringing down the entire living space? Life in Florida is bright and beautiful, and your fireplace should be, too! Take years off of your fireplace, just like that, with Sootmaster’s smoke stain removal services. We’re big advocates of Paint “N” Peel, which does the job quickly and in an environmentally safe, odorless, and mess-free way. And we’re not the only ones who love it — homeowners love it, too! We’ve turned back the hands of time and restored countless fireplaces in Pensacola, Destin, Shalimar, Gulf Breeze, and the neighboring communities — and we can restore yours too. So don’t just live with those awful smoke stains, let Sootmaster remove them.

How Does Paint “N” Peel Remove Smoke Stains?

You may be wondering, how can a non-toxic, odorless product remove smoke stains in hours? Here’s how:

First, our technicians apply the product directly to the smoke-stained fireplace, much like we’re painting the surface. Once the product is applied, we allow it to thoroughly dry. This is when the real magic happens. While it’s curing, the product absorbs the smoke stains into itself and changes texture. When fully dry, Paint “N” Peel will have an almost rubber-like texture, and the big reveal can happen. We simply pull back the Paint “N” Peel, and you’re left with a beautiful, fresh fireplace that’s free of those unsightly stains. Just like that!

So if a dingy, stained fireplace is really clashing with the bright, fresh, clean aesthetic of your living space, give Sootmaster a call at 850-712-3470 or fill out our online appointment request form and we’ll send a prompt and considerate chimney and fireplace professional right to your door.


Regular chimney and fireplace sweeping helps keep your chimney in safe operating condition. Ask us about this and the other important chimney and fireplace services we provide.